Smart Smoker Storm Electronic Cigarette Review

Visit Their Web SiteThe Smart Smoker Storm Electronic Cigarette is not a particularly popular device, but it has enough users to warrant a second look. One of the main selling points for this device is its large capacity 180mAh battery which is guaranteed to give you large amounts of vapour in addition to long periods between charging.  Being a hard core smoker, I decided to give it a try to see what exactly makes this device special. Choosing a starter kit proved to be a complicated process because of the number of different e-cigarettes the company has to offer. I settled for the Smart Smoker Storm 510.

Packaging, what’s in the box

The packaging for the Smart Smoker Storm electronic cigarette is nothing special, but that doesn’t matter because the important items are in the box. The box contains:

  • 2 atomizers. This is the part that burns the liquid nicotine to give you the vapour; most e-cigarette companies only give one atomizer per kit, so this is a nice touch by Smart Smoker.
  • 5 cartridges. Smart Smoker has a lot of choices when it comes to flavours, they have a huge variety of tobacco flavours and an even larger array of novelty flavours, like candyfloss and tequila.
  • 2 batteries with LED tips for easy notification of when they need recharging. These batteries are Smart Smoker’s special feature, because of how strong they are.
  • 1 mains/wall charger.
  • 1 charger lead with UK, European or USA plug.
  • 1 user manual, which will really come in handy if you have no experience with e-cigarettes.


The battery is the biggest selling point for the Smart Smoker Storm. It boasts a strong battery with 180 mAh, which can run for hours, even days depending on how much you’ll use it. This means that you can get a lot more vapour per puff which is excellent if you are a heavy smoker who is looking for an e-cigarette that can give you a strong throat hit. After charging mine over night, I used it for almost two days without charging it, impressive for such a device.


The beauty of Smart Smoker is the wide range of choices you have when it comes to flavour. Of course with so many choices, finding a flavour that will suit you best can be a chore. I decided to stick to conventional tobacco flavours, but Smart Smoker has about 8 different tobacco flavours ranging from Cuban cigar to Cowboy tobacco. I chose the regular tobacco flavour to see if I would actually enjoy the product. I was impressed to say the least; I have never used an e-cigarette that produced so much vapour from one inhalation. It hit my throat nicely and felt exactly like a regular cigarette, minus all the bad side effects of real tobacco of course. If you love trying out different flavours then this is the e-cigarette company for you, they have a whopping 24 different e-liquid flavours. You can choose anything from cinnamon cake to cola!


The Smart Smoker Storm is a relatively cheap device, the starter kit is only £44.99 and after you use up the cartridges that come with the kit, you can purchase new ones for £4.95 per 5 cartridges. A relatively cheap price when compared with the price of cartridges sold by the more popular companies.

Customer service and delivery times

Smart Smoke promises to deliver products to customers in the UK within 4 working days. I got mine in two days, which is not really that bad. Anyone outside of the UK may have to wait more than a week to get their device. They offer a one year warranty and have a 14 day return policy in the event that you don’t want the e-cigarette anymore. Overall, for a small company, they aren’t that bad when it comes to customer service. It’s a pity they don’t have a customer care number in case you want to call for inquiries but you can send them an email if you have any additional questions.

Ease of use

Most e-cigarettes are easy to use and the Smart Smoke Storm is no exception, they even have a manual that comes with the kit in case you don’t have a lot of experience with e-cigarettes. After charging the battery overnight, you can start using your device immediately. All you have to do is assemble the battery, atomizer and cartridge together and you’re ready to begin vaping.

Available accessories

Smart Smoker doesn’t have a wide variety of accessories on sale but it has a few useful ones:
A car charger.
A metal pocket case with a faux leather finish for holding your e-cigarette and cartridges.
A USB charger.
Extra batteries and atomizers.

Running costs and Prices of refills

As with any electronic device, you can expect a lot of savings. The Smart Smoker Storm is very affordable and its cartridges cost a fraction of what a regular pack of cigarettes would cost you. Cartridges go for as little as £4.95! The only down side is that Smart Smoker has not given an estimate of how many packs of cigarettes a cartridge is equivalent to. This makes it hard to give an exact figure of how much money you will save when you make the switch to the Storm.


There are plenty of reasons as to why the Smart Smoke Storm is not a very popular brand of e-cigarettes; basically the device has some good and some bad points. I was personally disappointed that the Storm doesn’t have a power case that can charge your device on the go like SKYCIG or E-Lites, but the company makes up for this by giving you a strong battery that can last. Also the cartridges don’t have an approximate value of how many packs of regular cigarettes they are equal to, so you can’t really tell just how much you are saving in costs. Otherwise it’s an okay device, you’ll get a satisfying vaping experience and you have a lot of flavour choices. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to “experiment” with different flavours then you can stick to conventional flavours like Regular Tobacco. I can’t say that I will make a permanent switch from regular cigarettes, but this device is definitely a great alternative.Visit Their Web Site[spacer size=”20″][divider top=”1″]
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